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  • Mother’s Day Celebration

    Published 22/03/24

    Pupils in Year 5 eagerly participated in an Art lesson learning about the Indonesian technique of wax-resistant dyeing called Batik. Pupils were keen in their designs as they used their creative imagination to colour the fabric that they prepared as a gift to their mothers and women in their lives to commemorate the Mother’s Day. Pupils enthusiastically shared how their mothers and family members have contributed significantly to their growth and well-being. They were highly appreciative of their role in their lives.

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  • World Book Day

    Published 15/03/24

    On Thursday 7th March, the children at school spread much joy and excitement as they dressed up to celebrate World Book Day. The children donned their best dress-up costumes of characters from their favourite books, bringing lots of fun and colour into the School. There was array of different characters from so many different books and from different historical periods. All the children looked fantastic as we are sure you will agree!

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  • STIXX Workshop

    Published 08/03/24

    On Tuesday 27th February, the Year 6 pupils took part in the STIXX workshop. With the exciting opportunity to create towers solely from recycled newspaper and cable ties, the children adopted innovatory methods to construct a tower stable enough to stand freely with the least amount of newspaper rods. With many creative ideas blossoming, the children succeeded in building multiple stable towers by feeding rolled up newspaper through the STIXX machine, which turned the paper into solid poles! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the workshop.

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  • Mental Health Week

    Published 01/03/24

    During Mental Health Week before the half term, White Eagle Class embarked on a week long journey of activities to help understand what mental health is all about and help support their overall wellbeing through projects which taught them the skills required to recognise and deal with their emotions and take on a more positive mindset altogether. This has continued through into the new spring term and upon their return, children have made their very own ‘Positive Affirmation Jars’, with the objective to help promote self-esteem by encouraging children to keep positive statements in their very own special place. The Positive Jar included positive words, affirmations and their very own personalised quotes, in which they can go back to and look at whenever they may feel low, reminding them of all the positive and wonderful things about themselves. They all made their jars extra personal by decorating them using paint, glitter, colourful wool roving’s and jazzing them up by adding accessories such as pom poms, stickers and metallic ribbons. The intention is for children to go back to it whenever necessary to remember how special and unique they are as a person.

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  • Young Voices Concert

    Published 23/02/24

    On Friday 2nd February, some of Year 5 pupils travelled to the OVO Arena to take part in the Young Voices concert. The children have been rehearsing hard since October last year. The children continued to show their determination and dedication to the choir all the way through. Their hard work was rewarded and paid off when they are able to perform in front of thousands of audience members. The children were swept away with the electric atmosphere at the 02, showcasing their dance moves to the best of their ability and singing at the top of their lungs. It is fair to say, everyone who attended the choir had the best time and thoroughly enjoyed the entire concert.

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  • Pedestrian Training

    Published 09/02/24

    On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th January the Reception and Year 1 pupils took part in Pedestrian Training delivered by the STARs team. The children were spilt into small groups and learnt about the different hazards on the roads as well as how to keep themselves safe when walking on the pavements and crossing roads, particularly busy ones. Once they had received their initial training, the children put into practice all they had learnt on the model road inside the school hall. We hope that by taking part in the Pedestrian Training, this will encourage more children to travel to school sustainably (walking, biking, scooting etc.) as they will feel more confident about travelling along our roads.

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  • Brilliant Parents Newsletter - Children's Mental Health Week 5th February - 11th February 2024

    Published 08/02/24

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  • Are you a Carer?

    Published 05/02/24

    Are you a Carer?

    Hillingdon have released the attached guide to provide carers with more information on the support available from the Local Authority.

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  • Hillingdon Winter Playday – Information from the Local Authority

    Published 05/02/24

    Hillingdon Winter Playday – Information from the Local Authority

    Winter Playday is a free fun event for families in Hillingdon. Taking place in the Pavilions Shopping Centre on 13th February from 10 am to 4 pm. The event will include information stalls from a range of organisations as well as free activities including dance tasters, story time, arts and crafts, sport activities and more.

    Please see: Winter Playday - Discover Hillingdon


    Fizz Free February – Information from the Local Authority

    In the month of February, Hillingdon Community Dental Service are taking part in 'Fizz Free February' which aims to encourage everyone to think about reducing the number of fizzy drinks they are drinking and giving them up.

    Some facts:

    • Drinking fizzy drinks can lead to tooth decay and other health conditions.
    • Hillingdon has 28.2% of 5-Year-old children with decayed, missing or filled teeth which is above the England average.
    • More 5-9-year-old children are hospitalised due to tooth decay than for any other reason.
    • Some fizzy drinks can contain as much as 20 teaspoons of sugar!!!


    They are holding an event at Botwell Green Library for parents/carers and children on Wednesday 7th February (information in flyer below) with a display and a presentation. Also attached is a poster with help finding an NHS Dentist and our oral health website which contains lots of useful information about keeping teeth healthy. 

    Fizz Free Feb '24 event information flyer (PDF) [376KB]

    Finding an NHS Dentist & OHP Website (PDF) [509KB]

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  • Nursery Activities

    Published 02/02/24

    The Nursery children have returned to school after the Christmas holidays and jumped straight back into various activities. The children used the interactive whiteboards to practise writing different sounds they have learnt, engaged in sensory play using the sandpit and soft foam, and attempted various Mathematics games to develop and reinforce basic numeracy skills. They were all thrilled to return to Nursery and were ecstatic to see their friends!

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  • New Online Parent, Guardian or Carer Drop-In Support Group

    Published 22/01/24

    The Centre for ADHD & Autism Support are delighted to be offering a new NWL parent/carer drop-in support group, held on Zoom on Wednesday evenings and Monday mornings for those whose children/young people are or are suspected to be ADHD/autistic.

    Online Parents Drop-In Poster (PDF) [2MB]

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  • French Market

    Published 19/01/24

    To celebrate the end of the autumn term and Christmas, the school organised a French-themed Christmas market, where our school council leaders had the chance to contribute to the organisation of this extravaganza. Children from KS1 and KS2 enjoyed using the target language to purchase Christmas presents and enjoy French patisserie. The event was part of our commitment to a local charity, and we raised around £500.

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