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One our fundamental beliefs is that children thrive in small educational settings where they are each known as individuals.  To this end, Rosedale remains smaller than many local schools so that staff can actively engage with parents, guardians and carers in planning each child’s learning journey.

Throughout the school, the children are taught in groups not exceeding thirty in number.  In the early stages, these are mainly mixed ability groups catering for children of a similar age.  Every group has its own class teacher and spends the majority of lesson time in their own classroom.  Each class teacher is supported by a Teaching Partner to ensure individual needs are met, allowing each child to make progress at their own pace and in their own way.  However, it is recognised that every child needs to be set challenging targets by creating learning opportunities which allow them to build on existing strengths and overcome any weaknesses. 

As Rosedale Primary now occupies its brand new permanent accommodation, the children benefit from the bespoke facilities which provide an educationally stimulating environment.  Each classroom is fully furnished and equipped with the highest quality resources, carefully designed to facilitate the best possible learning journey.

By using an exciting pallet of modern materials, colours and finishes, the new structure delivers an airy, bright learning environment to inspire and motivate.  To complement the magnificent hall and sophisticated vestibule, the distinctive design continues well beyond the classroom spaces with the children benefiting from an extensive outside play area.  Here they can play games, reflect or stretch their imaginations still further as they use the many zones of their adventure playground to enhance their learning journey.