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Our Latest 2023 Ofsted Report!

Rosedale Primary School continues to be a good school!

What is it like to attend this school?

Pupils are happy and safe in this school. They achieve well and are eager to come to school every day because they get to learn new things. Pupils are not worried about making mistakes as they know that they will get support from adults.

Pupils are keen to learn. They work hard in lessons to meet adults’ high expectations of them. They behave well, both in and out of lessons. Pupils are polite, confident and courteous. On the rare occasions where bullying occurs, staff deal with it promptly and effectively.

Staff and pupils celebrate each other’s individuality. In every class, there is a display of the things that pupils value most. These include records of personal achievements or pictures of significant events in their lives. Through these, pupils share religious, cultural, or social events they enjoyed participating in.

Pupils are excited by the many opportunities to experience activities beyond their usual lessons. They perform in their local theatre and join children’s concerts in big arenas. They welcome visitors from the police force and the fire brigade. Pupils get to ask these visitors about their work in the community. These visitors also give pupils advice on how to keep themselves safe.

Read the full Ofsted Report below: