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  • RAF Bunker Trip

    RAF Bunker Trip


    On Tuesday 4th February, Year 6 Goldcrest class travelled back 79 years to gain a thorough understanding into the plotting to defeat the German air force (Luftwaffe). They had the exciting opportunity to visit the Battle of Britain Bunker, where t...

  • Healthy Lifestyles

    Healthy Lifestyles


    On Monday 27th January, Year 1 pupils took part in a practical Science lesson on healthy lifestyles. They discovered the key factors which are important in keeping healthy and learnt about the simple nutritional values of fruit. The lesson not onl...

  • World War I and II Projects

    World War I and II Projects


    Children in Year 6 presented their findings after researching about the effects of World War I and II to their peers. They learned about rationing and the impact of food shortages and the contributions of women during this time.

  • Making Smoothies

    Making Smoothies


    Children in Year 3 learned all about the benefits of healthy food; how this stabilises their energy, improves their minds, evens out their moods and helps them to maintain a healthy weight. They also practised how to cut the fruit carefully and wa...

  • Educational Life Bus Visit

    Educational Life Bus Visit


    All the children from Reception to Year 6 were very excited to board the Life Bus last week, when it visited Rosedale Primary from Monday 13th to Friday 17th January. Once aboard, the children were very eager to take part in all the fun learni...

  • Year 6 Christmas Performance

    Year 6 Christmas Performance


    On Monday 9th December, the Year 6 children proudly performed their final Christmas show at Rosedale Primary School. They performed a variety of songs to their parents, guardians and carers along with instrumental performances from the children wh...

  • World War II Workshop

    World War II Workshop


    On Tuesday 26th November, the Year 6 children took part in a World War II Workshop. They learnt all about what life was like for the people of Britain during the war, and the jobs they carried out to help on the ‘Home Front’. The child...

  • Cupcake Workshop

    Cupcake Workshop


    On Tuesday 19th November, the Year 1 children took part in a Cupcake Workshop delivered by Michelle Drummond, who is one of our parent Governors. The children were excited to make their own reindeer cupcakes using chocolate buttons, pretzels and c...

  • Romans Workshop

    Romans Workshop


    On Tuesday 5th November, the children in Year 3 participated in a Romans Workshop. They re-enacted the battle between Queen Boudica with the Iceni Tribe and the Emperor Claudius with the Roman Army. All the children mastered their roles as they ea...

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