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  • LifeBase Workshops

    LifeBase Workshops


    This week, some of the children capitalised on the exciting opportunity to take part in the LifeBase workshops, providing them with an understanding of themselves, how their bodies function and how to keep them safe and healthy.

  • Reception Christmas Performance

    Reception Christmas Performance


    On Tuesday 14th December, The Christmas Story came to the farm for Reception’s Christmas performance. All the animals asked for one special present, which they woke up to on Christmas morning!

  • Year 5 Christmas Performance

    Year 5 Christmas Performance


    On Tuesday 7th December, Year 5 children demonstrated their individual talents as they performed in their annual Christmas show, which this year, told the story of the cruelty of King Herod during the time of Jesus.

  • Kandinsky Art

    Kandinsky Art


    On Thursday 2nd December, we inspired the children’s creativity and imagination by introducing the famous artist Kandinsky.

  • School Council Leaders

    School Council Leaders


    After holding our School Council Leader elections before half term, we are happy to announce that we have a new set of Year 6 School Council Leaders! We would like to congratulate you all on your election success and look forward to seeing our pragma...

  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves


    The Nursery children have been learning about autumn as they ventured out into the garden to admire all the beautiful autumn colours in the trees.

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