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  • Young Voices Biggest Sing

    Young Voices Biggest Sing


    On Tuesday 15th June, the School took part in a virtual live stream for the Young Voices Biggest Sing 2021, as they gathered together to smash the Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest Simultaneous Sing-Along’!

  • Eid Biscuits

    Eid Biscuits


    The Nursery children continued their Eid celebrations by baking their very own Eid biscuits!

  • National Skipping Day

    National Skipping Day


    On Friday 23rd April, some of the Year 4 children took part in a skipping lesson with Mrs Bamber as part of National Skipping Day.

  • Early Years Easter Bonnet Parades

    Early Years Easter Bonnet Parades


    On Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th March, the children in Nursery and Reception took part in the annual Easter Bonnet Parade and proudly paraded their wonderfully creative Easter Bonnets around the front of the School to their favourite songs!

  • Ancient Greek Vases

    Ancient Greek Vases


    Our Year 5 ‘potters’ have been creating their own piece of history by making Ancient Greek vases out of clay.

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