Extracurricular Activities

We offer a range of additional services, starting with a breakfast club at 8.00am, after care provision immediately after school, and an extra-curricular programme which runs daily.  In short, the School is run by the community, for the community. 

Our overriding aim is to provide a programme of activities which capture the aptitudes and interests of the children in our care.  With this in mind, the Trust makes provision for a range of booster and enrichment activities in the school holidays.  This is an opportunity for children to enrich their learning, try out new things, have fun and meet friends.

After School Clubs 2021 - 2022

Day Activity Year Groups Description


Monday 8th November


Monday 15th November


Monday 22nd November


Monday 29th November


Monday 6th December


Musical statues


Year 1

This club will help get your child up on their feet and move to the rhythm and beat of music. Beware though, will they be able to keep as still as a statue when the music is paused. During each session, each of the students will be provided with a Hula-hoop for themselves and we will be practising the different methods of Hula-hooping! Children will learn how to use a Hula-hoop properly and will improve their confidence with this skill!

Board Games

Dancing Club                 

Year 1

The board games will include different board games as well as chess and puzzles working to build problem solving skills, social play, and focus. The dancing will be different types of dance including simple dance moves to rhythmic patterns working to build physical fitness, creativity, and repetition.

Dotted Painting Fun            

Year 2

Children will be learning the skills of Pointilism, creating painting by placing tiny dots of unmixed colours beside each other to create pictures.

Dancing with Timetables            

Year 2

Children will be dancing whilst learning their times tables.


Wednesday 3rd November


Wednesday 10th November


Wednesday 17th November


Wednesday 24th November


Wednesday 1st December


Wednesday 8th December


Ballet Fun Club                                

Year 3

Fun ballets for children is the perfect guide to dance movements and music. Children will be introduced to the basic steps of ballet, various jumps, turns, and quick gliding or sliding steps. Also, they will begin to use new and expressive steps and gestures.

Sketch Club                 

Year 3

In sketch club children will learn a variety of sketching and drawing techniques as well as some fun artistic challenges. There will be some focus on several well-known sketching artists in which the children will use to influence their pieces of work.

Let's Get Sewing             

Year 4

This club provides students with an opportunity to learn how to sew. They will learn how to mend their clothes, learn different embroidery stitches and making room for creativity by sewing and designing other fun items such as key rings. 

Sketching Club         

Year 4

Participants will be able to understand ‘what is sketching in the field of art’ and the differences between drawing and sketching. They will learn new pencil techniques for sketching purposes. In this process, they will learn greater precision and detail that is required in the field of sketching. Each week we will be experimenting with different styles and techniques. In these sessions, replicating various 2-D and 3-D models will be targeted. Participants will explore the world of sketching and enhance their creativity.

Thursday 4th November


Thursday 11th November


Thursday 18th November


Thursday 25th November


Thursday 2nd December


Thursday 9th December

Philosophy for Children             

Year 5

This club will helps children to extend their critical thinking, discuss things that matter and calls on imagination and reasoning and puts these capacities to work, exploring values, assumptions and vital concepts like justice, truth and knowledge.

Speech and Drama Club       

Year 5

Speech and drama is an exciting club which develops students oral language, boost their confidence and equip them with the skills necessary for stage production, drama and entertainment

Mathematical Puzzles    

Year 6

Children will engage in solving reasoning and Mathematical problems. The activities planned are to guide and support children in becoming more independent in using their mathematical skills. 

Debate club                     

Year 6

The debate club will be centred around children building their confidence and public speaking skills. There are fun activities which challenge the children to develop their confidence and social skills by communicating with their teammates in order to strategize a team plan.


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