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  • Year 5 Woodpecker Workshop

    Year 5 Woodpecker Workshop


    On Wednesday 7th October, the Year 5 Children took part in a Woodpecker Workshop in which they planned, designed and created their very own woodpeckers which pecked their way down thin poles.

  • Snail Discovery

    Snail Discovery


    On Wednesday 7th October, the Nursery children began their snail expedition and ignited their curiosities by examining snails in the garden.

  • Staying for Lunch - Reception

    Staying for Lunch - Reception


    Over the last couple of weeks, the Reception children have beenstaying for lunch! With a fresh look at the lunch time experience, they found the event fascinating as they explored the menu and even formed new friendships.

  • Tomato Harvest

    Tomato Harvest


    On Monday 28th September, children in Years 2 and 3 learned new skills and gained special benefits, such as a midday snack, by harvesting the tomatoes that they had grown from sowing seeds in February!

  • Exploring Senses

    Exploring Senses


    The Nursery children explored their senses, allowing them to observe and make sense of the world around them.

  • Year 1 Hand Printing

    Year 1 Hand Printing


    As part of their Mathematics activity on Friday 11th September, the children in Year 1 enjoyed a lesson on ‘Measuring’ by using their handprints as a non-standard unit of measurement.

  • First Day at Nursery!

    First Day at Nursery!


    The Nursery children had instantly absorbed themselves in a number of exciting activities on their first day back, allowing them to progress in their learning and grow confidently in their new setting.

  • Blow Paint Germ Art

    Blow Paint Germ Art


    The children came face-to-face with their artistic imitations of the invisible infectious agents that constantly mutate to breach the immune system’s defenses – germs.

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