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  • Thank you!

    Thank you!


    The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust would like to thank the canteen staff for their continuous support and co-operation during this time of uncertainty.

  • Pancake Day in Nursery and Reception

    Pancake Day in Nursery and Reception


    On Tuesday 3rd March, pupils across Nursery and Reception demonstrated their culinary talents on a day dedicated to making pancakes. The children took to the task with much enthusiasm as they vigorously mixed the pancake batter until silky smooth,...

  • Incredible Eggs!

    Incredible Eggs!


    All of our eggs have hatched! A long-awaited mixture of chick colours and breeds have been revealed to our eager children, who have enjoyed learning all about the life cycle of a chicken, whilst witnessing it first-hand!

  • Half Term Booster Class

    Half Term Booster Class


    On Monday 17th February, a number of children were invited to take part in Booster Classes. They took part in various activities linked to English and Mathematics. As you can see from the pictures, all the children were engaged throughout and enjo...

  • Mathematics Capacity

    Mathematics Capacity


    Children in Year 4 learned about measuring liquids and shared their understanding of ‘capacity.’ Capacity is the total amount of fluid that can be contained in a container. It is the word we use when we are measuring liquids. We might...

  • RAF Bunker Trip

    RAF Bunker Trip


    On Tuesday 4th February, Year 6 Goldcrest class travelled back 79 years to gain a thorough understanding into the plotting to defeat the German air force (Luftwaffe). They had the exciting opportunity to visit the Battle of Britain Bunker, where t...

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