Blow Paint Germ Art 13/07/20

On Tuesday 30th June, the children came face-to-face with their artistic imitations of the invisible infectious agents that constantly mutate to breach the immune system’s defenses – germs. With an abstract concept and the inability to see and touch these constant invaders, the lesson on ‘Giant Sneezes’ was sure to incite curiosity. The children actively engaged in discussions on the spread of germs and the importance of hygiene. With hands being the main pathway of transmission, the children came to understand how thorough hand washing with soap and water is one of the most effective infection preventative tools. The children enjoyed recreating the physical traits of a bacterial cell through their imaginative and creative art. They are beginning to understand how germs are spread in the air through sneezes, coughs, or even breaths. They have also learnt about the thriving places for bacteria to fester and how germs can be transmitted through exposure or direct contact with these contaminated objects.

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