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  • Ancient Greek Vases

    Ancient Greek Vases


    Our Year 5 ‘potters’ have been creating their own piece of history by making Ancient Greek vases out of clay.

  • Science Week

    Science Week


    Following the successful Science lesson with our Year 6 pupils on Monday 15th March, children in Years 4 and 5 also had the opportunity to don their laboratory coats and take part in thrilling British Science Week activities at Rosedale College.

  • Incredible Eggs

    Incredible Eggs


    On Monday 8th March, the children were very excited to receive a special delivery - Ducklings!

  • Bottle Moments

    Bottle Moments


    This week, the children in Reception have been getting creative by drawing pictures of what they are most looking forward to once the pandemic is over.

  • Milkshake Making

    Milkshake Making


    On Friday 29th January, the Nursery children seized the opportunity to build on their existing knowledge on healthy foods and transferred their current skill set by making fruit milkshakes!

  • Nursery Snow Fun!

    Nursery Snow Fun!


    Much to our delight, we experienced snowfall over the weekend and the Nursery children were thrilled to be able to have the chance to play in the snow.

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