Aiming High

We regularly assess the development and learning needs of each child throughout the school year and routinely meet at the beginning of each term with parents, guardians and carers to provide up-to-date feedback. 

In so doing, it is possible to quickly determine which areas of learning need further development and where each child’s particular strengths and future needs lie. 

From the outset we encourage full involvement in your child’s learning and routinely provide a variety of activities which can be completed at home.  The nature of this home learning depends on the age and ability of the child; promoting a meaningful partnership between home and school; ensuring that all children have the opportunity to practice new skills acquired at school, reinforcing concepts, knowledge and understanding in all areas of the curriculum.  In the longer term, it helps children to develop good working habits and ultimately means they become independent learners.  Generally the focus is on reading, spelling, multiplication tables and mental arithmetic.  However, Rosedale also values topic based learning which allows individual children to pursue areas of their own interest and co-construct future learning.

It is also important to understand what we mean by ‘stage not age’ given that some children are generally very able, whilst others have specific gifts and talents which can be readily accelerated.  Therefore it is important that every child is fully extended with the most able working occasionally with older children in specific areas of the curriculum.  Whatever a child’s ability might be, we aim at all times to cater for this through careful differentiation, intervention and enrichment programmes, always focused on getting the very best from each child.

We strive for excellence in all we do.  Our school ethos is built around the 6 ‘R’s of:

Respectful     Reasoning     Reflective     Resourceful     Responsive     Resilient

These R’s are used as a cornerstone in how we deal with all situations at our school and how we reward our children. We believe that by demonstrating these R’s every day, children will become positive members of their school and local community.


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