Welcome from the Trust

Rosedale Primary School is part of a family of schools sponsored by The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust, an educational provider held in high regard both locally and nationally. 

In light of this proven track record of success, Rosedale Primary School is also guided by the principles, values and policies which have delivered impressive outcomes for learners consistently across the Trust.  As such, one of our fundamental beliefs is that children thrive in small educational settings where they are each known as individuals.  Accordingly, Rosedale Primary will remain smaller than many local schools so that staff can actively engage with parents, guardians and carers in planning each child’s learning journey.

Through the strong ‘customer focus’, you have a say about your child’s learning and development. Certainly, the inclusive ethos and strong sense of belonging contribute considerably to the health, safety and wellbeing of the children. As the children wear their uniform with pride, they feel comfortable in their surroundings, making them well place to learn. This ambience, together with high standards of teaching and learning, make the Rosedale setting a very special environment. 



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